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The lawyers of Matthews Eastmoore have represented cities, counties, school boards, and hospitals in a variety of legal matters including

  • Employment discrimination
  • Negligence and auto claims
  • Premises liability
  • Construction contracts
  • Land acquisition contracts
  • Contract breaches
  • Employment law

We have the experience and the skills to help government bodies facing legal issues, and to form lasting and mutually beneficial working relationships. If you are in need of such representation, please call us at 941-366-8888 or schedule a free consultation.

Common Government Law Cases

Employment Discrimination

Employees cannot be discriminated against on grounds of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, or disability. Any governmental body that discriminates with regard to any of these characteristics may be in violation of federal and state law

Individuals may sue a government entity, such as a school board or county that has refused to hire them on discriminatory grounds, has fired them on discriminatory grounds, or has mistreated them in the course of their employment for discriminatory reasons.

Employer/Employee Negligence

In some cases, an employer may be responsible for the negligence of its employees. If an employee negligently harms someone while on the job, the employer may be liable for the employee’s conduct.

For example, if a doctor is employed by a hospital, the hospital may be liable if the doctor commits malpractice. Injured patients can then sue the hospital directly, and the hospital will need to seek legal representation for its defense.

Employers can also be sued for their own negligent acts. For example, employers may be sued for damages caused as a result of their failure to:

  • Hire licensed and properly trained staff
  • Dismiss incompetent employees
  • Establish adequate safety protocols such as sanitation and evacuation plans
  • Properly staff critical areas
  • Correctly label dangerous equipment, chemicals, medications, and more
  • Protect, where applicable, customer, client, or patient confidentiality

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases come from situations in which someone is injured as a result of property conditions that were not reasonably safe, such as a slip and fall accident. Property owners owe a duty of care to the guests on their property. If a guest is injured due to the negligence of the owner of the property, the guest may receive monetary compensation for his or her injuries.

A governmental body may be liable for injuries suffered by a private individual occurring on its premises. If such a claim is filed against it, the government body will need legal representation.

Over the last 25 years, the attorneys of Matthews Eastmoore have had the opportunity to represent many governmental bodies who have been sued. If you work for a government or administrative body in need of legal aid, please allow our experience to help you. Call us at 941-366-8888 or schedule a free consultation today.

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