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The lawyers of Matthews Eastmoore have been general counsel for the School Board of Sarasota County for over 30 years. During that time, our attorneys have counseled the School Board on many complex legal issues including those related to school construction, collective bargaining, and school finance. Matthews Eastmoore lawyers also represent the school district in lawsuits brought by parents, employees, and third parties.

Common Education Law Cases

There are a number of instances in which a school or school board may face legal difficulties that require professional assistance, including:

  • Contractual relationships
  • Employee issues
  • Parent/Student complaints
  • School Construction

Case Elements

Contractual Relationships

Running a school or school system requires many relationships with vendors of all types. These relationships are frequently governed by contracts in which each party obligates itself to perform certain acts. It is essential for schools entering contractual relationships to do so in a way that best protects their interests. The attorneys at Matthews Eastmoore can provide schools with important assistance in this often-complicated area.

Employee Issues

Schools employ a large number of people doing a variety of jobs. Employee complaints can often arise in the employment context that require the school to have legal representation. Matthews Eastmoore can help schools respond to a wide variety of complaints whether they concern allegations of discrimination, failure to properly pay overtime, or other employee grievances.

Parent/Student Complaints

School boards face regular complaints from individual parents and students. These complaints may need to be resolved in front of an administrative tribunal, or in a court of law.

Complaints can vary from allegations of negligence, to legal challenges regarding alleged discrimination, to school discipline. Regardless of the circumstance, the school may require legal representation.

School Construction

The building of new schools or new facilities at a school, or indeed the renovation of pre-existing facilities, requires the help of skilled legal professionals. The attorneys at Matthews Eastmoore have experience with school construction issues and can help.

If your school or district has encountered any of the issues discussed above, call us at 941-366-8888 or schedule a free consultation today. We have the experience to help you resolve any and all education issues you may face.

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