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Matthews Eastmoore attorneys understand that you have invested valuable time, money, and other resources getting projects and your business off the ground. When disputes arise over construction defects or delays, the experienced construction litigation lawyers of Matthews Eastmoore can help you resolve them.

Why Matthews Eastmoore?

We work on both the plaintiff and defense sides of construction lawsuits. We have the unique experience and the understanding that comes from seeing both sides.

Common Case Examples

  • Construction defects, such as poorly performed construction that leads to leaks, use of improper or substandard materials, or breaches of express or implied warranties.
  • Budget overruns or fraud, such as if a construction company purposefully inflates costs and expenses to earn a higher profit.
  • Avoidable delays which cause damages, even if the contract specifically states “no damages for delay,” recovery may still be possible.
  • Defenses against construction lawsuits – Matthews Eastmoore litigates construction lawsuits for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Warranties in a Construction Defect Lawsuit

Florida law recognizes two types of warranties in construction cases, express and implied.
An express warranty is an explicitly stated promise of performance, such as the use of a specific material for a certain part of construction.

An implied warranty is an unwritten promise that comes with all contracts, in which the manufacturer implicitly states that his product will be fit for a certain purpose. For example, in a pool construction project, the pool must be able to literally hold water for it to be fit to be used as a pool.

Defects may include:

  • Water issues and leakages
  • Faulty drainage
  • Cracks and leaks in the roof, wall, or foundation
  • Dry rot
  • Landscaping or soil problems
  • Mold
  • Electrical problems
  • Structural failure

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