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Since 1991, we’ve taken great pride in providing Sarasota and other Florida communities with thorough, compassionate, and successful legal representation. We represent individuals and establishments throughout the entire legal process, with services spanning a number of practice areas in civil litigation and public body law.

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We rely on our service providers to act legally and in our best interests. Whether it’s medical malpractice, legal malpractice, or negligence, we seek to earn the highest damages and peace of mind for those who have been harmed from a provider’s wrongdoing

Auto Accidents

Florida is known for transportation dangers – from bad traffic to rush-hour accidents. The costs of these accidents can have severe and lasting financial, professional, and personal consequences. Let our team get you back to good health and back on the road.

Slip & Fall

Whether you’re in the workplace, in a public space, or someone else’s home, slip and fall accidents can result in devastating injuries for victims. If you suffered severe injury from a slip and fall accident, our team will fight to earn the compensation you deserve.

Appellate Law

In some unfortunate cases, justice may not truly be served in the courtroom. If you believe that you should have won your lawsuit, our appellate attorneys will help to repeal the decision and ensure that you don’t pay the price for an infraction you didn’t commit.

Personal Injury

There is a myriad of situations in which you may find yourself the victim of personal injury, from faulty products to construction accidents. The team at Matthews Eastmoore will work to earn the legal and financial compensation you need to heal and return to your daily life.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial law is in place to protect you during commerce, trade, sales, and merchandising activities. Dealing both in private law and public law, we’ll help you to recover from the broad range of legal complications and harm that you might encounter while doing business.

Business Litigation

If you’re an entrepreneur, you engage in activities like forming companies, shareholder rights, mergers and acquisitions, and property issues. We work to find justice if you’ve experienced the devastating impact of being deceived or mistreated against your business agreements.

Elder Abuse

We entrust our loved ones to nursing homes and other care facilities. In their state of fragility, it’s especially important to receive proper care. When employees act maliciously or negligently, the impact is tenfold. We defend families from these traumatic experiences.

Trust & Estate Litigation

When a loved one passes away, their last will and testament is often the only guideline for final arrangements. As such, it’s critical that it’s interpreted correctly and that beneficiaries receive what they deserve. We represent those whose rights have been overstepped.

Wrongful Death

The ultimate devastation is coping with the loss of a loved one when it wasn’t their time to leave us. If someone else’s actions directly contributed to a death in your family, we’ll provide the legal support you need to pick up the pieces and find justice though the grief.

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