Matthews Eastmoore has completed 25 acts of kindness in 2017! Our last two acts were accomplished on December 2nd.

With the Firm’s 25th anniversary now behind us, it is time to reflect on the past year. Matthews Eastmoore chose to celebrate its silver anniversary by performing 25 Acts of Kindness throughout our community. These Acts took many different forms. Some involved directly providing physical labor to help many local charitable organizations like painting the locker room at Girls, Inc., doing Hurricane Irma cleanup work at Selah Freedom’s home for survivors of sex trafficking, and providing volunteers to help Special Olympics and The Haven staff events. Others involved participating in local charitable events like the Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon, two blood drives for the Suncoast Blood Bank, and the United Way’s Obstacle Course Challenge and Embracing Our Differences school literacy programs. We also showed our gratitude to those who sacrifice for our community by writing letters to overseas troops as part of the USO Wishbook campaign and providing assistance to the City of Sarasota Police Department’s recovery drive to help first responders in the Florida Keys.

Whatever form a particular Act of Kindness took, our intention was to help individuals or agencies in a time of need. And while we did help many in our community, the real beneficiaries are all of us at Matthews Eastmoore. Every single person working at the Firm was involved in at least some of the Acts and many attorneys and staff members were involved in a lot of them. It provided all of us at the Firm with a great opportunity to get together outside the office and, more importantly, to work together for the greater good of our community. The old adage that “It is better to give than to receive” was certainly borne out by our experience. The shared experience of giving of our time, efforts, and funds, have brought everyone at Matthews Eastmoore great satisfaction.

While our 25th anniversary year, and the 25 Acts of Kindness, are now completed, we at Matthews Eastmoore will continue to look for ways to be involved in our community to help those in time and circumstances of need in 2018 and beyond. Such volunteerism makes all of us, and our community, better.