Matthews Eastmoore is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary by giving back to the community through 25 Acts of Kindness in 2017. All this year, we’ll be working with local charities in the Sarasota area, and we are proud to announce we have already engaged in six acts of kindness thus far. We completed two in January, two more in February, and now we have done two more in March!

In March, we volunteered at Booker Elementary School and held a building-wide blood drive with SunCoast Blood Bank. Learn more about these events below.


Celebrating Individuality

Embracing Our Differences is a nonprofit that believes diversity is one of the world’s greatest assets. They strive to make sure that everyone is “respected, included and valued for his or her individuality” through art exhibitions and educational programs and resources.

This was the fifth year of the event in which more than 11,000 students in Sarasota and Manatee counties participate. The event takes place every year on March 2nd, which was Dr. Seuss’ birthday—in 2017 he would have been 114!

Linda Hutchinson volunteering with the students

Linda Hutchinson volunteering with the students.


Susan Morrison Narring reading Dr. Seuss

Susan Morrison Narring reading Dr. Seuss!

“Our mission is to use the transformative power of the Arts to educate and inspire to create a better world.

We envision a world that embraces diversity, respects differences and actively rejects hatred and prejudice.”

This March 2nd, Matthews Eastmoore participated in the 2017 Dr. Seuss’ Embracing Our Differences Day at Booker Elementary School. Linda Hutchinson, Susan Narring, Maureen Kuzma, Christy Oravec, Kelley Nathan, Tricia Bernier, and Margaret Good, volunteered an hour of their day to read to students, and teach them the value of diversity and respect for others.

How You Can Help:

To participate in Embrace Our Differences’ initiatives, you can volunteer, donate, or submit art here. Remember, the easiest way to advance the mission of Embrace Our Differences is to speak out against hatred and intolerance whenever it may occur.

Donating Blood; Saving Lives

SunCoast Blood Bank began in 1949 when O.K. Fike and Dr. Millard White founded the Lower West Coast Blood Ban. In that first year, 551 pints, or “units,” of blood were collected. Since then, tens of thousands of people have donated blood and saved lives. Now, the organization receives more than 38,000 units per year!

donate blood

community blood bank notes


On March 30th, Matthews Eastmoore held its own blood drive that collected 13 units. Linda Hutchinson worked tirelessly to organize and publicize the event within the firm and the tenants at Ringling Square.

Pat Crauwels, Art Hardy, and Keith DuBose giving blood!

Pat Crauwels, Art Hardy, and Keith DuBose giving blood!


Participating in the drive were Alison Prouty, Brenda Guilinger, Marcia Muldoon, Susan, Tricia Bernier, Margaret Good, Pat Crauwels, Art Hardy, Christy Oravec, and Kelley Nathan.

Four of our donors, or 40% of the total, Marcia, Tricia, Christy, and Kelley, were first time donors. The Blood Mobile representatives were delighted, calling the turnout “tremendous”!

How You Can Help:

There is almost always a critical need for blood, and less than 5% of Americans give blood. Find out more how you can help here, and save lives!

Coming Soon

Check back next month for the April update and learn about our next two Acts of Kindness. Also, click here to learn about our Acts of Kindness from January and February.