Earlier this month, we announced that the Matthews Eastmoore team will be celebrating our 25th anniversary with 25 acts of kindness for our Sarasota community. We’re happy to announce that in January, we’ve completed two of our 25 acts!

The first was a company-wide food drive for All Faiths Food Bank. The second was a donation of tool belts and tents to Sarasota’s Brotherhood of Men Mentor Group. Keep reading for details on each event.

Feeding Sarasota One Box at a Time

Did you know that 11% of households in Sarasota are below the poverty line and that more than 30% of residents are just one crisis away from poverty? Many of the clients of All Faiths have had to make the choice between buying food or paying their rent or mortgage.

46% of All Faiths’ clients have sold or pawned personal property to buy food, and 41% water down food or drinks to make them last longer.

Sadly, many of those going hungry are children. Approximately 50% of children attending Sarasota schools receive free or reduced meals at school.

All Faiths addresses the basic need for food in our community, providing healthy solutions to end hunger. To help, we hosted a food drive, along with other tenants in the Ringling Square building.

Matthews Eastmoore's Food Drive for All Faiths Food Bank

The Matthews Eastmoore team prepares to donate its food drive collection to All Faiths Food Bank.


All Faiths’ biggest need is for non-perishable items that are high in protein, like peanut butter, tuna, canned chicken, beans and powdered milk. If you’d like to donate or host your own food drive, please visit their website for more details.

Restoring Homes, Restoring the Community

Keith DuBose, on behalf of Matthews Eastmoore, presented tool belts and tents to Dominic Harris, Founder/Executive Director and young men from the Brotherhood of Men Mentor Group, Inc. SRQ. The tents will be used in an upcoming camping trip and the tool belts will be used by the young men in the rehabilitation of houses in New Town.

Brotherhood of Men is a Sarasota non-profit which provides mentorship and a supportive environment for boys and young men ages 8 to 18, giving them the tools to
grow up into successful citizens. The mission of Brotherhood of Men is to create an environment for our youth that nurtures their abilities and helps them to become successful members of the community.

Matthews Eastmoore's Donation to Brotherhood of Men

Keith DuBose presents tool belts and tents to Brotherhood of Men’s Dominic Harris and young men in the program.


Brotherhood of Men provides friendship, mentorship, guidance and love in an effort to break the vicious cycles of crime, incarceration, failure, and death that plague many young men in low income, disenfranchised communities.

Positive, productive and responsible men serve as mentors to Sarasota’s youth, instilling in them a positive sense of self that gives them the confidence to believe that they can and will achieve great things in life.

Visit the Brotherhood of Men website to learn about how you can get involved, from donating to volunteering.

Stay tuned for our February recap, where you can learn more about our upcoming involvement with Girls Inc. and the United Way Suncoast Obstacle Course Race.