In 1991 firm founders Lamar Matthews and Ted Eastmoore envisioned a law firm whose lawyers were able to build a law practice that fit their interests and strengths and where client satisfaction was the priority. They envisioned a law firm that was so well-respected that lawyers, judges, and other public officials trusted them to resolve their disputes.

Now, over twenty-five years later, they, along with the other lawyers of Matthews Eastmoore have built their vision of a client-focused, well-respected, and intellectually curious law firm. Over the years, the attorneys of Matthews Eastmoore have served governmental entities, such as the School Board of Sarasota County; we have worked for prominent national celebrities; and we have represented judges and other lawyers in their personal and professional disputes.

Not only have we helped our peers, elected officials, and governmental institutions, we have built a formidable personal injury and medical negligence practice. The lawyers of Matthews Eastmoore have enjoyed considerable success representing both plaintiffs and defendants in car accident, slip and fall, premises liability, and malpractice cases. Because we represent both plaintiffs and defendants, we enjoy a competitive advantage: we are able to understand the strategies of the opposing party.

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